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Answer the questions below to build your quote. Consult the Help Image buttons for help. Click Next Step when done.

Step 1 : Tabs in a Set, Quantity , Size and Paper

Step 2 : Paper Quality & Color

  • This is the paper quality such as #90, #110 etc. Specific color is attached to the paper quality such as blue or grey etc. Index Tabs Rainbow will have combination of multiple colors such as Canary, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green and Grey.

Step 3 : Tab Styles

  • Select either plain paper or imageable mylar tabs here. All tabs are receptive to laser printers or high-speed copiers. Rainbow Mylars will have a combination of multiple colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green and Grey.
    • Plain Paper
    • Mylar Clear
    • Mylar Grey
    • Mylar Yellow
    • Mylar Orange
    • Mylar Red
    • Mylar Blue
    • Mylar Green
    • Mylar Rainbow

Step 4 : Tab Collation

  • Select Tab Collation for your set of tabs.

Step 5 : Punching Options Help Image

  • Choose a punching option

Step 6 : Binding Edge Reinforcing

  • Choose if you would like the binding edge to be reinforced.
  • Adder Image

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